July Pop-Up Arts Newsletter

JULY POP-UP ARTS NEWSLETTER well, there is a saying ‘better late than never’ – that just has to be my motto for July. Here are some great shows to catch in Brisbane and Sydney, plus the Byron Bay Writers Festival weekend opens soon.
Otherwise why not go driving in the country, walk around the harbour, swim if your game, or enjoy plenty of snow in the ski fields if that takes your fancy…


ON NOW in Brisbane…

Robyn Stacey. Guest Relations Brisbane

Until 02 August 2014

Room 2418 Marriott Brisbane (Mess) by Robyn Stacey

This series has grown from its Melbourne beginnings early last year, then later in the year a Sydney series was shown. Now Stacey has created new works reflecting Brisbane through her unique and highly detailed camera obscura photographs. The artist has been invited by the Museum of Brisbane to show a more indepth series next year reflecting both historic and contemporary aspects of this lovely city. Make time to visit this show as the gallery is only open a few days a week. There are no photoshop tricks and although this is such an old and simple technique, there is extreme diligence, patience and craft to each of these large scale photographs. Stunning!

Jan Manton Gallery, Spring Hill




ON NOW in Sydney…

Rodney Pople. Lie of the Land

Until 17 August 2014

Simba by Rodney Pople

You will be slightly mad to miss this show. The scale of the artworks, all painted photographs on linen, the wonderful texture of the paint on their surface and , the gaze of the animals in the first room. Then there is the conflicting mixture of emotions one feels when viewing Pople’s works in the back rooms. His work comments on his feelings towards the church, colonial conquest, imperialism. There is darkness and light, horror and beauty. You will certainly leave this show with something. A terrific story written by Susan Chenery was recently published about Pople and his work. I’ve put a link in below.

Australian Centre for Photography, Paddington


Link to story by Susan Chenery, for SMH Good Weekend 28/06/14


Stephen Dupont. White Sheet Series No.1

Until 03 August 2014

I saw this impressive exhibition in Melbourne earlier this year when it was at Edmund Pearce Gallery. For all you Sydneysiders it is a pleasure to have this tour to Dupont’s home town. Portraits of pilgrims and sadhus attending India’s Kumbh Mela festival. Beautiful prints, all hand bordered by the artist with antique Indian fabric wood blocks and archival inks. Only 4 in each series and none will be the same. Dupont has always engaged with his images and subjects beyond the photographs themselves. He keeps diaries and journals, often with quotes and stories handwritten by the subjects he photographs. In this series each image comes with a copy of the diary entry page related to each sitter. Not to miss!

Black Eye Gallery, Darlinghurst




FREE EXHIBITION at the State Library of NSW…

Life Interrupted: Personal Diaries from World War 1

Until 21 September

​The State Library began collecting diaries of soldiers, nurses, doctors, stretcher-bearers, journalists from 1918. This extraordinary exhibition shows the diaries and reveals their stories. Some full of hope, some full of longing, some full of fear and horror. The war affected everybody and this is one way we can only try to imagine that time. A well presented and curated exhibition. You won’t want to rush this one at all.

State Library NSW, Sydney CBD

COMING UP in Byron Bay, northern NSW

Byron Bay Writers Festival

01 – 03 August 2014

Recommended: Adrian Newstead speaking about his new book release,
The Dealer is the Devil. An Insider’s History of the Aboriginal Art Trade
Saturday 02 August 1.30pm Interview with Edna Carew

Three Sisters, Blue Mountains by Queenie McKenzie

Newstead is a writer, curator, Aboriginal art consultant and has been over 30 years in the business, establishing Cooee Aboriginal Art Gallery in Sydney in the 1980s. Plus plenty of other great writers, interviews, workshops and book launches. All details and full program on their website. A great excuse to hang out in Byron or head to the hills.




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