Infectious Desires. Margarita Sampson. 25 February – 14 March 2015


Infectious Desires. Margarita Sampson.
25 February – 14 March 2015
Stanley Street Gallery, Darlinghurst
above. Detail Zsa Zsa, 2013
below. The artist, Margarita Sampson, in her studio

Infectious Desires marks Margarita Sampson’s first solo show in Sydney in over 10 years, and brings together a significant body of work which has been created over 3 years. The works are based on the idea of a mythical Salon – a domestic interior where the very fabric of the objects have become animated, infectious with ideas, the desire for growth and expansion.

Sampson uses found chairs which are altered through carpentry & carving, and spends many months meticulously piecing together and sewing the textiles which are then upholstered onto the works. The sculpture series is accompanied by photographs.

Nine times finalist in Sculpure by the Sea since the first event of 1997, Sampson’s work The Yearning won the Andrea Stretton Memorial Prize at Sculpture by the Sea in 2011.

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