Farming without Fences. Helen S. Tiernan. 29 Nov 2014 – 17 Jan 2015

PRESS Helen Tiernan exhibition. Farming without Fences. Cooee Gallery

Helen S. Tiernan. Farming without Fences
29 November 2014 – 17 January 2015 (Gallery closed 24 Dec – 06 Jan

helen tiernan colonial wallpapers 2014

Placement 2014_ Helen Tiernan
above. Colonial Wallpapers, 2014
below. Placement, 2014

This is Helen Tiernan’s first Sydney solo exhibition. Full of colour and texture, Helen plays with themes inspired by the landscape and her Aboriginal heritage, combined with colonial influences and the decorative home environment. For early settlers home was inside their houses, for Aboriginal people their home was outside, in Country. Balance, beauty and home – these are the links that inspire this work.

Cooee Aboriginal Art Gallery,
31 Lamrock Ave, Bondi

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