Rosella Namok & Arone Meeks. Coo-ee Aboriginal Art Gallery, Bondi. 2 June – 2 July 2011

Rosella Namok & Arone Meeks.  Artists from the Lockhart River ‘Art Gang’       2 June – 2 July 2011   Coo-ee Gallery, 31 Lamrock Avenue, Bondi


ABOUT Rosella Namok  Rosella Namok is considered in the top 100 indigenous artists in this country and she is only 32 years of age.  Her works revolve around narratives of her social, physical and natural environment, often featuring events of fishing and hunting expeditions, weather patterns of rain and wind, plus traditional stories.
Namok is the most successful contemporary/traditional painter practising today in Far North Queensland.  Her aesthetic appeal has endured through a fluctuating art market and will undoubtedly continue, as her works are considered for their timeless beauty.

ABOUT Arone Raymond Meeks  Arone Raymond Meeks exhibits in Sydney following a ten year absence from the Sydney art scene.  He has participated in prestigious exhibitions around the world and was the first Indigenous Australian to be awarded a residency at Cite des Arts in Paris.
Following the death of his long-time partner in the late 90′s, Meeks returned to live in Cairns and since then has rarely exhibited outside of Queensland.  This is an important and cherished return to Sydney with these new works comprising paintings, linocut prints and monoprints.
As a gay urban Aboriginal who lives close to his traditional tribal lands, he describes his practice by saying “I am hunting for lost pieces of myself.  My art objects are like my children sent off into the world”

ABOUT Coo-ee Aboriginal Gallery and Director, Adrian Newstead
Coo-ee Aboriginal Art Gallery has been actively promoting Indigenous Art since 1981 and is Australia’s oldest continuing Aboriginal Art Gallery.  Founded by Adrian Newstead – Fine Art Consultant; Writer; Curator; and highly specialised in his field, the gallery moved from the high profile of Oxford Street Paddington to the lush beach setting of Bondi Beach over ten years ago.
Since 1981 Coo-ee Gallery has curated over 300 Indigenous art exhibitions in Australia and overseas, involving individual artists and many community groups.
The Gallery specialises in offering artworks and knowledge on a wide collection of historically important works and artefacts, as well as the highest quality of contemporary paintings, prints and sculpture.                                                                                               Adrian Newstead feels he has lived two privileged lives these past 30 years.  He has not only had the opportunity to develop a rich knowledge of Indigenous art, but also to have shared deeply and respectfully in the lives of the communities and artists he represents.  Many of whom have become close friends.

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