Pop-Up February Arts Newsletter – back on track for 2014

February Pop-Up Arts Newsletter – back on track for 2014
Swimming at Clovelly, walking the hills of Paddington, early mornings in Centennial Park near the tea tree swamp, driving anywhere in the country, my frangipani tree dropping its lovely flowers all over the back stairs, art, photography, my two daughters back home from all their travels, a new year – I like the sound of 2014. Here’s a few more good things to include…


Wings of Desire / Der Himmel uber Berlin – a German & Australian collaboration in Melbourne & Sydney

17 – 21 Feb OPENING in Sydney Thurs 20 Feb 6-8pm

Curated by Sophie Weiser (Berlin) & David Corbet (DNA Projects, Sydney)

l-r Invitation; artwork by Richie Culver; artwork by Petros Sianos

A collaboration of 20 young emerging artists from Germany and Australia. The brief was working on one particular type of paper known as ‘laid paper’. For those not in the know, laid paper is very course, old fashioned handmade paper. Very tricky to work with as inks bleed quickly and easily. But for many, it is also considered a beautiful base paper on which to work. However, none of these young artists had ever used such old school paper. This curiously lovely exhibition comes from curator, Sophie Weiser, wanting to see what can happen when you challenge the artistic talent of a group of young artists, all more or less the same age, with a paper medium they had never used before.
Blank Space, 374 Crown St, Surry Hills



Justine Varga. Sounding Silence
19 Feb – 22 Mar 2014 OPENING Wed 19 Feb 6-8pm

Artist Talk Sat 15 Mar @ 2pm

Morning , 2014 Justine Varga

Quiet, restful images. Varga, known for her minimal compositions, now presents new work that takes you to the periphery of recognition – ‘playing at the edge of vision’ as the artist says. Since graduating from art school back in 2007, this talented young photographer has continued to make her mark on the photographic art world. Empty spaces have never looked so full of ambiguity and promise. What are they? Where are they? You will be captivated.
Stills Gallery, 36 Gosbell St, Paddington.


New Book Release (available now)
+ In Conversations (for the Diary)

The Dealer is the Devil – An Insiders History of the Aboriginal Art Trade.

Written by Adrian Newstead (with Ruth Hessey). Published by Brandl & Schlesinger.

L-R Book cover, The Dealer is the Devil; Opening Night Speeches with front l-r Stuart Purvis; Adrian Newstead, Maria Bashir, Governor NSW (Photo by Jim Anderson)

A warts and all, fast-paced, compelling and provocative account by one of the country’s leading dealers in Aboriginal art, Adrian Newstead – a character well placed to tell such a story. The Dealer is the Devil is the story of the modern Aboriginal art movement and art market – an important chapter of contemporary Australian art history. Within the space of just forty years, Indigenous artists transformed the perception of their culture from something of strictly ethnographic interest into one of the great internationally acclaimed contemporary art movements. What a read! Grab a copy if you can.

Tue 11 Mar In Conversation with Indigenous Art Curator, Djon Mundine OAM @ Abbotsleigh Gallery

Sat 27 Mar In Conversation with SMH Art Critic, John MacDonald @ Gleebooks

Book available in selected book stores, online or signed copies from Cooee Gallery.

Cooee Aboriginal Art Gallery, cnr Lamrock Ave & Chambers St, Bondi



Patricia Casey. Little Secrets

04 – 22 Mar OPENING Tue 04 Mar 6-8pm

Part of Art Month Sydney.

l-r The Illusionist, Patricia Casey; The Reclusive Impulse, Patricia Casey

Delicate hand embroidered photographs on cotton, these are unique, highly collectable and exquisite. The artist can take anywhere from 10-40 hours on each artwork. Using perfect tiny backstitch and French knots, Casey traces the outline of branches, blossoms and leaves, reminiscent of nerve pathways and the circulatory system, the secret hidden worlds of the human body. Casey says ‘we all have an inner core that we don’t reveal…little secrets that we keep to ourselves..a mental landscape inaccessible to others’. A beautiful collection of portraits and a not to miss exhibition.

NG Art Gallery, 3 Little Queen St, Chippendale




Sally Simpson. Venerated Remains

19 Mar – 12 Apr OPENING Thur 20 Mar 6-8pm

Details of 3 sculptures, Venerated Remains – fish bones, lace, mud, gold leaf, Sally Simpson
If you missed the extraordinary work of this artist during her two Canberra shows, then make note of this Sydney exhibition. Simpson’s artworks are a response to the environment and sites undergoing change. The materials used in these sculptures include materials she collected at Lake Mokoan in Victoria – discarded irrigation pipe, fish bones and mud. Wrapping the delicate objects in vintage lace and finely applied gold leaf, this work is a reflection of the fragility of the land in flux. Her drawings of mummified fish are simply beautiful. Everything is strangely beautiful – a compelling exhibition.
Stanley Street Gallery, 1/52-54 Stanley St, Darlinghurst




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