Winter Pop-Up Arts News – hope you find something arty in here you love too…

Cassandra French, Pop-Up Publicity
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Winter arts news. It’s been a couple of months and so time to check back in…
Hi everyone and welcome to my Winter Newsletter.
The months pass by with lots of stories and arty things to see and do and read and watch and listen to. So I wanted to check back in with you all and share some of it. My book pile has grown again, exhibitions and events around town (and out of it) have kept the pace going and music, movies, walks, drives, discoveries and little travels in between have been great adventures of their own. And of course there has been work to pay the bills! But I have missed writing and vowed to try to be more regular in sharing some of the things I love about this town and beyond. So thanks for reading and I hope you find something you love in here too.

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