Spring, history, stories, typewriters, jacarandas and art…

Cassandra French, Pop-Up Publicity
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November 2017 Pop-Up Arts News. One of my favourite months in Sydney…
Hi Everyone.
I am back home now in Sydney after my recent adventures in Spain and Switzerland. Three weeks on the Roman archaelogical site in Spain, Cerra de la Muela (aka The Roman Pulpon) were hot, fascinating and incredible – and yes, we found coins from the time of Augustus (200AD), iron blades, nails, caligae (studs from Roman sandals), pottery, jewellery including fibulae (toga brooch) and hair pins, small turned pebble toys, animal bones and loads of roof tiles – some even with small hand prints and finger marks across their surface. Most of it in poor condition and broken, but it has been buried in a farmers field for over 1800 years. I also learned a lot travelling on my own for 5 weeks – an opportunity I said yes to, but will admit to being quite nervous about – before meeting up with friends and one of my daughters in Switzerland, where we toured gigantic mountains, glacial lakes, raging rivers and historic towns, all the while being surrounded by stunningly beautiful verdant countryside. We were mostly in the Swiss French and German parts and it seems everyone in Switzerland is a gifted backyard gardener or farmer. And what sound sums up Switzerland? For me it will always be the lulling sound of tinkling cow bells.
Sydney in November is one of my favourite months of the year – certainly one of the prettiest – with jacarandas and flame trees, tangles of bougainvillea and star jasmine, strelitzia and grevilleas growing like crazy all over this bloomin’ town. And I am very happy indeed to watch all the veges planted from seed popping up in my own backyard garden, albeit a very small one.
But let’s now look at a few arty ways to enjoy spring in this city and thank you for reading…

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