A new autumn arts season with plenty to see about town…

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March/April 2017 Pop-Up Arts News… autumn
Summer flew by and with so much going on I didn’t get a chance to write. So here are a few things to put in your autumn arts calendar for March and April. If there is a theme in all of this I would see the connection is ‘people’ – how we see others, how we ourselves are perceived (or think we are) by others, how our history forms us and how artists tell stories to connect us. A couple of recent events I want to mention – both a few weeks back now but if you missed you can explore through the links – are the annual Africultures Festival in Sydney(SBS World News report 11/03/17) and Memory Palace, an exhibition on in Melbourne. And keep your eye on Coo-ee Art Gallery, with setting up a permanent gallery back on Oxford Street as well as their permanent home in Bondi. So lots of good reasons to get out of the house and a few movie ideas to keep you in! I love March and the change of a season. It’s also my birthday month and to add to the joy, my niece had her first baby – a little girl named Olivia…
See you next time I get to writing. CassieLINK TO AUTUMN ARTS MARCH/APRIL NEWSLETTER

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