August Pop-Up Arts Newsletter…

Pop-Up August Arts Newsletter. I picked jasmine this morning and would have gathered a few magnolias also, but they were too high on the branch. Oh, sweet spring is on its way, but the last weeks of this superbly beautiful winter is a joy. Have you been swimming yet? Well here are a selection of excellent exhibitions to keep you indoors a little bit longer… cheers. Cassie

in Sydney…
Luke Hardy. Karaoke
07 – 17 August OPENING Sat 10 Aug 2-5pm

luke hardy karaoke i 20x20 11

luke hardy karaoke i 20×20 11

luke hardy karaoke viii 20x20 1

luke hardy karaoke viii 20×20 1





Fun, slightly kitsch and a little bit sexy – this latest work by Hardy takes us into the dimly lit, echoey ambience of the karaoke lounge…around closing time. A trippy mix of fake brands, banal lyrics and braced teeth. Who ever knows how the night might end up? A slight departure from the artists more sensual and mysterious storytelling style (Yuki Onna; Dragonfly), there is still a narrative to be found here and it is up to the viewer to create it.
Listen in to Sydney’s Eastside Radio FM89.7 Arts Thursday on 08/08 for an interview with the artist.
ArtHere, 126 Regent St, Redfern
Wed – Sat 12-5pm OR by appointment. 0402 112 755



in Canberra…
Sally Simpson. Precipice
07 – 18 August

Sally Simpson_Kneeling Figure #10







Precipice. 9 objects of silage baling plastic, bone, string & human hair on a steel & timber bench. (above)
Kneeling Figure #06. Wire, mesh, string, human hair, mud, red pigment. (below)

This collection of powerfully engaging hand made sculptures explore the relationship of humans to the land. Created from collected objects and organic material sourced from around the property where the artist lives, Simpson’s trademark skill is in the stitching and braiding she always uses in her work. These human-like figures kneel, some with palms upturned – are they passive? Are they wounded? Are they challenging? I know I think they are all beautiful. The artist will be in the gallery during opening hours.
ANCA Gallery, 1 Rosevear Place, Dickson, Canberra

in Brisbane until 11 August…
Jagath Dheerasekara. Manuwangku. Under the Nuclear Cloud
Ingvar Kenne. Citizen
Nir Arieli. USA/Israeli International Bridging Program

jagath dheerasekara manuwangku 019

jagath dheerasekara manuwangku 019

yvonne margula  elder mirrar people  kakadu australia  1998

yvonne margula elder mirrar people kakadu australia 1998








inframen 02

inframen 02







top. Jagath Dheerasekara
middle. Ingvar Kenne
bottom. Nir Ariela

A fabulous collection of 7 artists in total. These are my top 3 picks.QCP is an impressive gallery. So close to GOMA & QAG + Museum & Library, you can lose yourself easily for many enjoyable hours. Some of my favourite places in Brisbane to visit. The Library also has a terrific history of Brisbane music and bands well worth checking out. My nephews band ‘Teleprompter’ even gets a mention on the wall.
Queensland Centre for Photography, South Brisbane

in Melbourne until 17 August
Chris Round. Evidence

Kintamani, Bali

This collection reveals landscapes created and altered by human interaction. Surreal, dynamic, strange and some strangely beautiful. Round was a Finalist in the 2013 HeadOff Landscape Prize. Also be sure to keep this gallery on your Melbourne radar – showing seriously good contemporary art photography.Edmund Pearce Gallery, CBD Melbourne

Sydney Moderns Exhibition at the Art Gallery NSW

George Street, Sydney, 1934. (detail) by Herbert Madham

Portrait of Lucie Beynis, 1929 (detail) by Grace Crowley

Sydney in the 1920s and 30s was a place of great change. By the 20s the population had swelled to 1million and the Harbour bridge opened in the 30s. Art and ideas exploded and Sydney between the wars was destination. This is a thoroughly enjoyable exhibition – as much about Sydney’s history as it is about this explosive and creative period of making art. Margaret Preston, Grace Cossington Smith and Harold Cazneaux are amongst my favourites. Painting, woodblock prints, photography & sculpture all feature. Don’t forget the rest of the gallery too – for free!
Art Gallery NSW, Art Gallery Road, Domain, Sydney

Australia’s first Drawing Festival. 20 – 29 September
‘Draw on the Mountain’ Art Prize – at selected wilderness locations in the Blue Mountains
Open to all ages and all skill levels. $5000 Acquisitive Prize + Workshops, Seminars & Exhibition

Michael Herron sketching at Wild Valley Art Park.
Herron will be offering a Rainforest Sketch Classes for Adults & Children

Take the self-drive tour to iconic and secret Blue Mountains locations (or take the weekend bus). Book in for workshops and drawing classes, or just buy a Sketchbook and grab your pencils, paints or pastels. For all ages and all skill levels. You don’t even need to know how to draw to enter. This is a program to engage you with the pristine beauty of the Blue Mountains and surrounding towns. Wild Valley Art Park is open free every Saturday and Sunday. Highly recommending discovering this beautiful gem of eco-art friendly buildings, artist studios, gallery and sculpture park. I loved my first visit and looking forward to heading back.
Contact Selena Siefert, Director and owner Wild Valley Art Park
Ph. 02 4757 4791

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