Pop-Up Publicity August Arts Newsletter. Recommendations, highlights and upcoming exhibitions to note

Pop-Up August Arts Newsletter 2012
July just got away from me, so I am getting in early for August. There is always plenty to fill an arts diary so here are some highlights, recommendations and upcoming exhibitions to note. There are a few favourite highlights from the Biennale (AGNSW: beautiful miniature trees cut from paper shopping bags; a giant urban landscape in talcum powder; hundred’s of tiny filled artbooks made from what look like cigarette papers. MCA: hundreds of bottles handpainted on the inside with black ink and snake motifs; sewing project from 1000 spools of coloured cotton. PIER 7: the clacking sound of the bamboo installation; and walking amongst the strange reams of paper – this only makes sense if you walk amongst the paper. I haven’t been to Cockatoo Island yet but have read mixed reviews) Other recommendations are Customs House, a must visit space especially with its current new interactive installation; Ochre Art from the Kimberley’s & Arnhem Land to inspire; visit Margaret Olley’s studio & home and three stunning upcoming shows to watch out for…

Only one month until its officially spring, but I love the new buds blooming on the branches of the tree outside my window and the jasmine in the garden is loaded with new buds eager to open. Life and hope…

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Virtual Waranne ll: Sacred Tracks of the Gadigal. Artist Brett Leavy
Until 19 August 2012

Screen shots: Sydney Cove prior to the arrival of the First Fleet above left
and above right with parts of the modern city ghosted into the image

Customs House, Circular Quay, Sydney (Ground Floor)
Re-exhibiting 21 September – 21 October 2012
Free & Open 7 days a week
An immersive experience and should not be missed by anyone!
This is an Indigenous led project by artist, Brett Leavy. It is and interactive computer experience of what Sydney foreshore, from Barangaroo to Woolloomoolloo, was like for the Gadigal prior to the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788. Technology is a clever tool. This is very realistic and stimulates imagination in a way history books do not. Check out thisand get on a bus, or a bike or a train and get down to Customs House asap for this unique and rewarding experience. There are four large screens and individual consuls for public interaction. There are also artefacts on display loaned from The Australian Museum.

Reinventing the Ochre: Artists from the Kimberley & Arnhem Land, 1982 – 2012
Until end August 2012

Rover Thomas (1926-1998) Langkur (Lingurr) Queenie McKenzie (1930-1988) Hills – Old Texas Station

Coo-ee Aboriginal Art Gallery, 31 Lamrock Avenue, Bondi Beach, Sydney
Free & open to the Public. There is also a large fabulous stockroom to explore with the assistance of Gallery experts.
A selection of some of the finest ochre painters from the Kimberley’s in WA and Arnhem Land in NT, from the last 30 years.

Including works from Rover Thomas (East Kimberley, WA), Queenie McKenzie (East Kimberley, WA), Lloyd Kwilla, Peggy Purvis and Charlene Carrington – considered another ‘Queen’ of the Kimberley ochre painters.
Visiting Coo-ee Gallery never disappoints. If you have not stepped inside this lovely space you are missing out for sure.

ONGOING Until 14 August…
The Green Desert. Peter Elfes
Manuwangku: Under the Nuclear Cloud. Jagath Dheerasekara

Peter Elfes Jagath Dheerasekara
The Green Desert, Heaven & Earth Image No#7
www.peterelfesphotography.com www.jdphotoshelter.com
Customs House, Circular Quay, Sydney. Level One and Level Two.
Free & Open library hours 7 days. www.sydneycustomshouse.com.au

See you tomorrow at 2. Greg Weight
Photographic studies from the studio of Margaret Olley.
Until 7 August, 2012

Blue Bottles, 2011 Kitchen Cabinet, 2011 Margaret’s Hat, 2011

Australian Galleries, 15 Roylston Street, Paddington www.australiangalleries.com.au
In 2010 photographer Greg Weight was visiting Margaret Olley regularly, photographing her latest paintings for her final exhibition. See you tomorrow at two were the last words Olley spoke to Weight – she died that night. Now one year since her death at age 89, Greg Weight shares further images he made of her creative hub. He has captured in this series of important documentary photographs something so much more than a recording. They appear like still life paintings themselves and reveal to us the very heart of Olley’s artistic world – her home and studio. These are intimate, beautiful and still images of a place I could only dream of having entered. I love artist studios and am thankful to Greg he recorded Margaret Olley’s studio with such tenderness and affection and I feel privileged to now visit. Highly recommended!


1. INTERSTATE…Melbourne
Angry Black Snake. Michael Corridore
15 August – 01 September 2012

Image from Angry Black Snake

Edmund Pearce Gallery, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne www.edmundpearce.com.au
Mysterious images of people at play – or are they? After touring the country and recently returning from New York, Corridore’s beguiling collection will be showing at Melbourne’s newest and most fashionable photographic gallery, Edmund Pearce.
Under Twelve Under Twenty. Ella Dreyfus
29 August – 29 September 2012

Pair #7, Young & Old Pair #6, Young & Old

Stills Gallery, 36 Gosbell Street, Paddington www.stillsgallery.com.au
A series of b&w portraits of boys aged 11-12 and the same boys photographed 7 years later, all aged under 20. Inspired by Michael Apted’s 7-Up series, Dreyfus presents a most beautiful narrative on growing up, whilst powerfully affirming the dignity of male beauty.
1000 Years Beside Myself. Ben Ali Ong www.benaliong.com.au
5 – 23 September 2012

Untitled #02 Untitled #04

Tim Olsen Gallery 63 Jersey Road Woollahra www.timolsengallery.com
Inspired by mythology and dreams, the essence of this sensual, mystical and brooding collection is an exploration of life in all its fraility and beauty, love and love’s loss, sex and death. A collection of stunning new work by this young Sydney photographer with a passionate vision of life.

The Distillery 115 Crown Street Darlinghurst

ABOUT Not quite a gallery, but it does feels like a mini museum of printing presses and design. When I first saw this place from across the street I thought it was another bar. I was intrigued and crossed over to discover a printing business – thriving, adventurous, creative and exquisite. The website states "We’re inspired by old-fashioned values, heritage and vintage design with soul". Apparently they love visitors too! I must have a thing for fonts and I love vintage and history, generally most old stuff. Paper so heavy and pearly; text etched so deeply and perfectly; colours, graphics and typeface to make you swoon; and four giant antique printing presses in perfect working order. Order some cards, invitations, nametags, whatever. Maybe get married so you can order some gorgeous cards. Or just drop in. I love this place and recommend you discover this one…

PS. Just a few doors from Conny Dietzschold Gallery (exhibitions.connydietzscholdgallery.com). Another interesting gallery to discover, or revisit if you have not been for awhile.

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