August Arts Newsletter 2020. It’s been awhile…

Lots to see, visit, read, listen, watch, learn – I hope you find something in here…

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August Arts Newsletter 2020 intro…Hi Everyone.
It has been some time since writing and so the last month of winter seemed like a good time to return. You can feel spring getting that little bit closer, especially on recent days when it has been deliciously warm. Seeing tiny new buds on the jasmine vine in my garden and all over the neighbourhood, wattle bursts of yellow everywhere you walk or drive, are pleasing signs of new life. What a strange time for us all – and for many a sad and stressful time too. Changes everywhere – jobs left, jobs lost, working from home, working on the front line somewhere, wearing masks, no travelling, less visiting, more zooming.
There are still many good and nurturing things to do to liven the spirit a little and stay connected: being in nature, reading, watching movies, listening to stories, little drives, longer drives, little walks, long walks, cold water swimming, (if you’re brave), friends, art – perhaps we all have found new ways of the everyday. I have been enjoying riding my bike more and learning all the cycle paths around town– I really don’t like riding on the road. Our Saturday yoga class has been held outside (rain free days only) on the top of Mt Steele in Moore Park for many weeks now and it is wonderfully energising in the warm morning sun, surrounded by others out exercising or walking their dogs, or doing their own yoga class, or copying ours. Even with a broken wrist, our teacher Sandy cannot be stopped.
I live in Sydney near the city, so mostly my ideas are based from here. But I do hope some of the following inspires you to visit or explore for yourselves – there are plenty of online connections if you can’t visit, or prefer not to – or maybe some suggestions might ignite a few ideas of your own you’ve had bubbling away.
COVID shutdown has given me a few new favourite discoveries. Here are some of them:
Favourite new recipes – they’re old recipes really as I cook through some of my Mum’s biscuit treats.
Favourite bakery Wholegreen in Arden Street, Clovelly. Who would ever know everything is gluten free? No one!
Favourite new hobby beside riding my bike around town – I discovered I don’t mind being immersed in a puzzle (preferring a 500 to a 1000 but perhaps that’s being a bit lazy). I have found it relaxing and meditative, getting lost in finding that one last piece and then I’ll stop for the day…
Favourite morning walk – meeting my sister Robbie and walking either around Rushcutter’s Bay to Darling Point, or the Mrs Macquarie’s Chair and Botanical Gardens track. Both always end in a coffee and a good start to the day.
Favourite new online storeLove and West. If you love retro and clever crafts with good old linen tea towels, this is for you. I absolutely love my new carry bag and Queensland (my childhood State) tea towel cushion cover. This will be my new go-to gift idea store.
There is lots to read here. Click away on links if you don’t feel like reading, or grab details from the top of the posts. If we didn’t have art and nature and friendship, what would be the point of it all?
Until next time

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