Autumn Arts News – a few ideas for around town and beyond…

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Autumn arts news. I haven’t written in a while…
Hi everyone and welcome to my Autumn Newsletter and the first for 2019.
The end of 2018 got away a little – there was a spot of ill health (well recovered now). followed by adventurous travels to Paris and Greece (Athens, Milos, Crete), followed by fab exhibitions that kept me too busy to write about them, then my other work days as a nurse in a little Sydney private hospital that is not without drama. Summer was wonderful and not quite long enough with family visits, books to read, movies to see, tv series to binge out on, new music to discover and podcasts to tune into when cooking. I loved swimming when I could over summer discovering a few new spots and enjoying other favourites. And walking of course – around the city, the harbour, in the bush, out of town. So here we are beginning Autumn – a season I love for all the good things it brings with it – the cool of a morning, beautiful clean light, coloured leaves on the trees and crunchy drifts of them piled high on the ground, new veges to plant out in the garden, March celebrating International Women’s Day and Art Month Sydney. Below are a few art ideas for around town and a little beyond – and what I love is they are all free – so I hope you find something here to help colour your autumn too. And If anyone has any secret Sydney shares, books, podcasts, pretty swimming spots or tv series to suggest, send them through. I love hearing from you.
Thanks for reading.

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