June Arts Pop-Up Newsletter…now with images perhaps?

​June Pop-Up Arts Newsletter. ​
I had to wait until the Sydney Film Festival was over so that’s my excuse for being so late. Here is a great selection to keep the cold at bay and a good excuse to head to Bondi, hang out in Surry Hills, wander around Darlinghurst, discover the historic back streets of Kings Cross and cross the bridge to the north shore! Enjoy…


Ronnie Heng. Dive Into My World

27 June – 10 July / OPENING Sat 27 June 4-6pm

In Line by Ronnie Heng

This collection of mostly black and white photographs, with only a few in colour, are poetic and beautiful. You can almost feel like you are floating yourself deep in the sea, looking up as shoals of fish move above you, or you are staring at the giant underside of a manta ray gliding by, or witnessing the quirky line formation of a little school of yellowtail barracuda (above) – simple, magical, stunning photographs. Heng is not only a highly skilled underwater photographer, he is also a regular ocean swimmer and diver.



White Rice & Red Ochre: Warli Tribal Art of Western India

27 June – 18 July / OPENING Sat 27 June 2-4pm

To be Opened by Ace Bourke – Art Curator, Animal Rights Advocate & Blogger
Including FLOOR TALK with Ace Bourke & curator Narmada Smith

Shivas Story: Sita and the Sorceress (white rice pigment on red ochre)
#014 Warli Artist Balu Ladkya Dumada

Contemporary works by the Warli artists of western India. Traditional ritual paintings conveying a deep connection and reverence to nature and the land, to the community and spirituality. Beautiful, simple and detailed works created with lime wash, white rice, henna, ochre. Cow dung is also often used. The colours earthy. Ace Bourke is to Open the show – well known for returning Christian the Lion back into the wild after purchasing him as a cub from Harrod’s Department Store in 1969..
Cooee Art Gallery, 31 Lamrock Ave (cnr Chambers Ave), Bondi

OPEN Tue – Sat 10-5pm



Coalesce. Prue Platt-Hepworth, Rosemary Atkinson, John Chapman

Part of Nubuli Arts.

23 June – 06 July / OPENING Sat 27 June 3pm by Prof. Des Crawley

​L-R Prue Platt-Hepworth, Rosemary Atkinson, John Chapman

The artists are part of Nebuli Arts.

The works of three very different photographers, all extending the boundaries of photography and making a somewhat challenging invitation to the viewer. The human form blending seamlessly with nature (Platt-Hepworth); the essence of a dream (Atkinson); the unconventional portrait (Chapman). A good excuse to head to Bondi.

Bondi Pavilion Gallery, Bondi Pavillion

OPEN Daily 10-5pm




Joanna Logue. New Work

Until 27 June

Conifer, Essington ll, 2014 by Joanna Logue (acrylic on canvas)

Delicate brush strokes, muted soft colours. It’s like looking at the world after the rain, or through a smudgy window, or when the sun light is in your eyes and the landscape shimmers, or you have just woken from sleep on a brand new day. Sublime.
King Street Gallery on William, 177 William Street, Darlinghurst

OPEN Tue-Sat 10-6pm



Constructed Worlds. Anne Zahalka, Robyn Stacey, Julie Rrap, Anne Ferran, Cherine Fahd.

Until 04 July

Five contemporary Australian women photographers explore the relationship between image, object and the viewer. An exhibition looking at the shifting framework of Australian photo-media. A good excuse to cross the bridge and head north.
GCS Gallery, 1666 PacificHighway, Wahroonga

OPEN Mon-Sat 10-5pm


‘4’. Paul Blackmore / Gary Heery / Murray Fredericks / Derek Henderson.

Until 30 June

Madonna (1983) by Gary Heery.

A great excuse to run Gary Heery’s iconic Madonna shot. This little exhibition is an outstanding hand picked selection of works from ‘4’ fab photographers.Superbly printed by Warren Macris for High Res Digital, which apparently is where these 4 pal photographers all met, this is a small but lovely and varied collection. Well worth the trip down this historic back street of Kings Cross.

Paul Blackmore www.paulblackmore.com

Gary Heery www.garyheery.com

Murray Fredericks www.murrayfredericks.com.au

Derek Hendersen www.derekhenderson.net
OPEN Weekdays 9-6pm

Cohen Handler, 114 Brougham Street, Potts Point

(you may need to be buzzed into the showroom)




Slow West

​​Film Poster​

Filmed entirely in New Zealand and set in 1870s Nevada – but who can tell the difference? Not a perfect film, but a downright enjoyable one. If you have a nostalgic thing for Westerns, love stories and grand scenery, then this one is for you. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. REVIEW

Women He’s Undressed.
A film by Gillian Armstrong

​Film Poster​

No one in Hollywood knew Orry-Kelly was Australian – not even Australia! And he won 3 Oscars for his costume designs. Some of you will know of him, but for all of you who do or don’t, this is a must see if you love movies, fashion, costume design and behind the scenes stories of the big lot Hollywood movie houses. Some elements are not entirely successful – the Orry character talking to camera for example – but just go with it because there is so much to love.



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